CfP: Media Geographies and Geomedia – Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Media, Space and Locality

Geomedia 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop for PhD/Doctoral Students

Tampere University

September 19-20, 2023

The workshop will take place in the morning of the 20th before the official start of the Geomedia 2023 conference in Tampere, Finland:

There will be a get-together the evening before.

The workshop is organised by Helena Atteneder (Tübingen) and Pablo Abend (Halle) in cooperation with the German Media Geographies Working Group and the interdisciplinary Center for Geomedia Studies (Karlstad, Sweden).

As the „in-between“ or „in the middle,“ media are directly connected to the question of space and spatial order(s). This connection is already expressed in classical topoi of media studies such as the „global village“ or the „disappearance of space“. In the course of the so-called spatial turn (in the cultural and social sciences) or a media or communicational turn (in geography) or in the linking of „locative media“ and „mediatied localities” as well as a „spatialisation of media“ and „mediatization of place“ an interdisciplinary bridge between human, social and cultural geography and media and communication studies has gradually been defined. Under the immediate impression of the ubiquitous availability of location-based technologies and locative media, the question of the fundamental connection between media technology, media use and spatial production was updated and recalled. Media, in this sense, can be described as ubiquitous mediating instances between spaces, places, people and things, which change spatial organisation, perception and appropriation and alter practices of placemaking.

The workshop aims to bring together interdisciplinary approaches that examine contemporary and historical relations of media and spaces in both pre- and post-digital contexts. We explicitly welcome approaches that complement the classical methodological repertoire in media studies and geography with context-specific, situational and mobile methods.

The workshop is aimed at PhD students researching in the field of media and geography. We will have short presentations on the respective research topics (approx. 20 min.) followed by a joint discussion. The Workshop is open for PhD/Doctoral students at all stages of their research project and from various disciplines such as media studies, human and cultural geography, media anthropology, art and design studies etc.

Anyone who would like to participate please write an email by April 15 2023 to Helena Atteneder (helena.atteneder(at) and Pablo Abend (abend(at) with a short abstract (approximately 250-300 words) and a short biographical note.

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