Out Now: Playful Participatory Practices, ed. with Benjamin Beil and Vanessa Ossa

I am very happy that the fine volume Playful Participator Practices. Theoretical and Methodological Reflections is out now.

With chapters by Anne-Marie Schleiner, Thomas Malaby, Margarete Jahrmann, Michael Nitsche, Thomas Hawranke, Léa Perraudin, Friedrich Kirschner, Heiko Kirschner and me.

The volume addresses the matter of participatory media practices as playful appropriations within current digital media culture and artistic research. The aim is to explore and trace the shifting boundaries between media production and media use, and to develop concepts and methodologies that work within participatory media cultures. Therefore the articles explore and establish nuanced approaches to the oftentimes playful practices associated with the appropriation of technology.

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